AmerisourceBergen leverages two solutions from Axway

Written by: Camille Siegel – Principal Marketing Content Manager at Axway

De farmaceutische industrie is sterk groeiend in NL!
Axway heeft een sterke positie in pharma. 17 van de top 20 pharma bedrijven in de wereld zijn klant bij Axway! Lees in onderstaand artikel hoe Axway het B2B/EDI & App development landschap van AmerisourceBergen,1 v/d grootste pharmabedrijven in de wereld, naar een nog hoger niveau heeft getild.

AmerisourceBergen is a pharmaceutical supply chain distributor with over 100+ years of experience. Their roots run deep in innovation and niche delivery.

By offering exceptional innovation and mobile app experiences, the pharmaceutical industry has fast-tracked admittance to delivery and patient care.

By concentrating its efforts on being customer-centric in mind, AmerisourceBergen creates the perfect customer experience that allows its partners to turn their sights to patient care.

AmerisourceBergen supports the manufacturer and provider at every turn with a premier pharmaceutical strategy at its core.

Challenge 1: B2B Integration needed

AmerisourceBergen had some challenges to tackle when they came to Axway. They needed around the clock communication capabilities with their trading partners to deliver fast conclusions.

To make this happen, AmerisourceBergen relied on Axway to provide its Axway Amplify™ B2B Integration solution to provide the Grade A results.

Axway Amplify B2B Integration

Amplify B2B Integration is groundbreaking because it combines APIs and cloud services into one effective solution.

By unleashing modernization via the Amplify™ platform, AmerisourceBergen harnessed the abilities of APIs and the cloud for its customers. AmerisourceBergen can now pinpoint and resolve EDI issues for rapid delivery by resolving tricky SLAs.

Delivering on time!

As one of the largest healthcare suppliers, AmerisourceBergen had no time to waste in amping up its delivery performance.

AmerisourceBergen relies on EDI (electronic data integration) to provide its healthcare providers and retailers with fast distribution.

With over 200,000 EDI messages exchanged daily with partners and over 220 million EDI transactions yearly, high-speed turnaround is the name of the game.

Previously, AmerisourceBergen had separate file gateways for communication. Since problems arose with onboarding partners and maintenance, the B2B Integration solution arrived just in time.

B2Bi solution to the rescue!

Axway’s solution provided AmerisourceBergen with competencies to separate their file processing and translation abilities. By starting over and rebuilding the strategy, they refocused their EDI platform for a better outcome.

The solution now delivers a single, combined set of methods and processes for all trading partner communications. Also, the technical architecture eliminates the risks of reliance between mechanisms.

The EDI team can now concentrate on partner onboarding for better adaptability. By combining multi-gateways into the Amplify platform, Axway’s solution delivered B2B Integration with superb results.


AmerisourceBergen took the partnership with Axway one step further. AmerisourceBergen has now leveraged the latest version of B2B Integration as its single gateway for ingoing and outgoing communications.

The solution meets all the necessities for the company and its objectives for faster delivery.

Key points for B2B Integration
  • Rich RESTful API capabilities
  • Round the clock service for faster time transport
  • Two different groups synchronized using the solution’s functionality
Challenge 2: mobile explosion

In the last 10 years, smartphones/tablets have exploded. This was an untapped market for AmerisourceBergen’s digital channels that needed to be addressed.

To stay competitive, AmerisourceBergen took bold strides to outshine the competition. By leveraging mobile to the fullest, they worked with Axway again to deliver the Amplify App Development solution.

A unified experience

These days, two phone capabilities exist — Android and iPhone. Two completely different technologies require delivery that performs on time.

By providing a unified experience, smartphones and tablets now have access to location, data, sensors, and built-in cameras.

Amplify™ App Development is a multi-platform solution for mobile. By utilizing a sole JavaScript, the solution benefits both phone technologies.

AmerisourceBergen incorporated the solution into its mobile development process. Today, the company uses it to provide cohesive delivery for all its mobile needs across the board.

By offering a full-on mobile service that works with both phone technologies, AmerisourceBergen can build apps that do mind-blowing things such as sending a notice to your phone to remind you to take your medication.


Thanks to the highly skilled team at Axway, they have given AmerisourceBergen a new makeover with wide-ranging results via the B2B Integration and Amplify App Development solution.


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