The Key Threats and Risks That Third-Parties Create to Websites



Third-party apps on websites create potential threats and risks that affect the state of your website’s security and privacy protection. The use of an IPS or WAP does not offer sufficient possibilities for end-to-end security. With the Reflectiz cloud platform, Cert2Connect introduces a simple and essential monitoring solution for websites, without installation. This helps companies and organizations with protection against privacy and security risks, caused by third-party technologies installed on their websites.

Do you want to know more? Download the full whitepaper and feel free to contact the Cert2Connect specialists.

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Ik wil toegang tot deze whitepaper en ga ermee akkoord dat ICT/magazine (DNU bv) mijn gegevens registreert en deelt met de aanbieder van de whitepaper. Ik ga ermee akkoord dat de aanbieder van de whitepaper mogelijk contact met mij opneemt voor aanvullende informatie over haar producten en diensten.

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