Achieving and maintaining high data quality

Master Data Governance defines a company’s handling of master data from a strategic, organizational, methodological and technological perspective. simus systems, a specialist and software provider for technical mass data, implements this concept with a consistent focus on sustainably high data quality. Companies thus benefit from efficient processes and with full data sovereignty of the ERP systems, for example, SAP.

simus systems has developed a standardized approach to establish master data governance across all locations in an industrial company. Thanks to smart software modules, these processes are automated and established across departments. This ensures that achieved data quality will be preserved, although ERP systems do not offer any related functionality.

First step: automatic master data preparation

As a first step companies need to structure and classify material master data. In workshops with simus systems’ consultants, project teams define standards for data structuring and data conventions. Customizable basic rule sets already exist for numerous use cases. simus classmate software analyses data sets from various internal sources such as CAD, ERP and PDM systems and apply the new rule sets to the existing data stocks, which will automatically be structured and cleansed.

Second step: material master request process

The second step will be implementing a request process for new parts. With the flexible search in simus classmate, users will find needed parts already in stock. If this is not the case, search parameters can be used as a template for a material master data request. A master data team brushes through the material requests. If there is no suitable solution in the inventory and the request is complete, the material is created in a structured manner. Automatic processes and e-mail notifications are set up for this purpose. This has proven to be an important protection against duplicates in the inventory and an effective means of reducing part diversity.

Third step: material master maintenance process

Many departments are involved in maintenance of material masters. Many employees from engineering to marketing must have access. To ensure that this works smoothly and that all fields are filled out in a compliant manner, simus systems offers a customizable, automated process. Each material passes through various processing steps until it is completely defined. Here, too, automatic routines ensure that the respective tasks are processed quickly and in a concentrated manner, until the part is created.

User-friendly, secure and flexible

Applying these steps, Master Data Governance with simus classmate will be enforced in user-friendly, secure and flexible ways. Both for the basic cleansing and for the application and maintenance during operation, simus classmate provides powerful tools and convenient functions that have been specifically developed. Fast and error-free processes according to applicable standards and rules with a high usability boost cost effectivity and shorten times to market.

classmate interface: simus classmate integrates with CAD, PLM and ERP

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