Why 60% of enterprises are dealing with API complexity

Why 60% of enterprises are dealing with API complexity

Written by: Laura Heritage, VP, Product Line – API, Microservices, & Mesh Governance at Axway

With the advent of the cloud, the enterprise IT landscape allowed for lines of business to operate independently and a lot faster, opening up new opportunities for growth, agility, and innovation for your organization.

API complexity

But that also came with a cost. The complexity grew. The average employee is using 36 different Cloud apps, and the average company uses over 1,900 different cloud services. And they need to work well with the legacy applications the company already has.

The complexity is even starker when you look under the hood, into the API world. APIs are the glue of today’s business, they allow different applications, companies, and teams to talk to each other, they make enterprises reach new highs, securely and cost-effectively.

Cloud applications come with their own set of APIs and some basic API functionalities. So as the number of cloud applications within the enterprise grew, so did the number of APIs.

In addition, each business unit and region need to comply with the local regulatory and data residency requirements. They also want to innovate the best way possible to suit the needs of their customers, choosing different API Management tools and approaches.

The enterprise may have gone through an acquisition, picking up a new API gateway along the way. From there, you want to leverage the legacy applications you already have and make them part of this new ecosystem, deploying a different set of APIs.

Exponential growth

What started with a few dev teams, a couple of APIs, and Cloud applications grew exponentially.

Today, you have to be dealing with tens of dev teams (yours and your partner’s), hundreds of APIs, and a couple of thousands of applications (some in the cloud, some on-prem).

Impressive growth

The growth so far has been impressive. But to grow further, you need to manage the complexity. Based on our research, we found that the common pain points are:
– High operational complexity
– No holistic visibility and governance
– Difficulty to collaborate and innovate

And what threats could your business be facing as a result?
– Increased security risks
– Innovation doesn’t scale
– Impacted productivity of developers and low reuse of assets

The question you might be wondering then is: “How can my organization continue to allow each line of business to operate independently while maintaining centralized governance?”

Axway Amplify API Management Platform the right answer

Our answer is the Axway Amplify API Management Platform. As the only open, independent platform for securely managing and governing APIs across teams, environments, and third-party solutions, Amplify offers full lifecycle API management from a central control plane, empowering developers to experiment independently with microservices, implement streaming APIs, and leverage low-code tools.

You use the investments you’ve already made to drive new opportunities and revenue for your digital business which helps to simplify things in a better way.

To learn more, I recently hosted a webinar on this topic in greater detail. Don’t allow your growth to stall. Try Amplify today and start mastering the complexity of your environments.


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